B. Kevin Edgar is a retired astrophysicist currently residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Previously he was a research scientist at the University of Minnesota in the field of computational astrophysics. Today his interests include travel, Wagnerian Opera, and photography. You can see some of his photos on Flicker. He continues his interest in promoting science and critical thinking with Minnesota Skeptics. If you would like to keep track of BKE, you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can read his reviews of restaurants and destinations on TripAdvisor. If you would like to see where he is going next, check TripIt. Curious to know what he is reading? Visit Goodreads. You can also try to contact him through email.

On 19 June 1995 he suffered a stroke which left him  face blind.  If you would like to know more about face blindness or prosopagnosia, if you prefer the intestinal Latin, the CBS news program 60 Minutes did a couple of very good segments on it.  They are available on youtube.  Below are the links:
60 Minutes Faceblind 1
60 Minutes Faceblind 2


Click here for a link to my 2005 Trans Siberian Express trip.




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